Two Earth-like planets were discovered only 12.5 light-years away

International astronomers have discovered two planets orbiting a star just 12.5 light-years from Earth. They are among the closest planets to be discovered and are located in a habitable zone.

Two planets orbiting a star just 12.5 light-years from Earth have been discovered.

According to the journal Astronomy & Astrophysics, the star is named Teegarden’s Star and was discovered in 2003. It contains only about 10% of our solar mass and has a surface temperature of 2,700 ° C, which is relatively cold compared to our 6,000 ° C sun.

Because of its low temperature, its habitable zone is also closer to the star. The two new planets, Teegarden b and Teegarden c, took only 4.9 to 11.4 days to complete one week to complete one week, and both are much larger than Earth and Venus, the largest masses in our solar system.